BLVTH [blu:t] is an electronic music producer, remixer, and vocalist that combines dark bass, trap and r&b. He is currently based in Germany.

We can feel BLVTH’s restlessness in his tracks. He sees his music in playlists with R.L. Grime, Mura Masa, Hudson Mohawke or Rustie. BLVTH sets an emotional musical atmosphere with powerful synths and flying high-hats, often playing with vocals. His drops are aggressive and melancholic, but give his listeners the power and strength to overcome the frustrations of the Snapchat generation. The tracks and remixes BLVTH has released on his Soundcloud page have all made it into the Hype Machine charts. Among others he dropped official remixes for K.Flay, Gallant or Sumera. He received most reach for his take on Sia’s Elastic Heart.

BLVTH spent most of his early childhood in Wroclaw (Poland) and has Polish and Albanian roots. His family immigrated to Germany’s Rhineland where he grew up as a 90s city boy. Looking back he mostly remembers Nickelodeon, play station sessions at the mall and listening to Michael Jackson, Queen and Phil Collins on his MidiDisc player. As a young adult BLVTH moved further north to the German Baltic Sea shores and replaced hectic city noise with ocean wind and the sniffs of his dogs. BLVTH is a classic bedroom producer, but many of his tracks originate on the move – in the New York subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn, in the back seat of a cheap ride from Mannheim to Berlin or in the last row at college. He draws inspiration from art, fashion and his tight crew of friends.

BLVTH is currently working on new releases. His new Single ‘I Don’t Love You’ is out now .